Decenteralized fashion marketplace

Gluon is a project aimed to create a decentralized fashion marketplace with an added layer of security, anonimity and global availability.

Gluon will be released in a web format as well as an app, with mobile wallet implementation and will be available to everyone in the world with an internet connection.


Our Token Prices

The price of the GLU token will be lower for presale participants. To become an early investor, you must be accepted to our whitelist.



1 BNB = 300,000 GLU
60,000,000 Token

Public sale


1 BNB = 240,000 GLU
100,000,000 Token
Decentralized Fashion Marketplace

Utilizing blockchain technology to solve real world problems.

If you want to sell a piece of clothing online, your best options are eBay, StockX and Grailed - as one of the most used peer to peer marketplace. The problems you run into using these types of marketplaces are high fees, regional availability, lack of anonimity. By using those marketplaces, members of the community are taxed on every transaction. Using centralized marketplaces, you're prone to data leaks, hacks and fraud.

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Why choose us

Our Main Features

What makes Gluon better than its competitors.

Fast and time saving

We at Gluon ensure that our buying and selling proccess, as well as authentication and shipping, is as fast as it can possibly get.

Utilizing Blockchain technology

We're using the blockchain for user authentication, implementing AURA protocol for authentication of high end goods.

Community jobs

Anyone with an internet connection can chip in be a part of Gluon's operations. We have lots of open positions that will be collecting a portion of selling fees.

Worldwide availability

Anyone can place an order or sell on Gluon. You are not limited by currency, location or shipping.

Automated and secure

Every aspect of the Gluon marketplace is fully automated and thanks to the blockchain technology, secure.

Cutting down costs

Gluon has the lowest market fees compared to our competitors, while maintaining the same level of service.

Try our Platform

Become a beta tester.

By participating in our presale, you're egligble to apply for our Beta testing program.

  • Zero buying / selling fees
  • Early access to new features
  • GLU token airdrops
  • Beta tester badge
  • Priority support
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Downoad Our Whitepaper

Before purchasing GLU token, we strongly advise you to read this whitepaper and all related materials attentively. To learn more about the project, download our whitepaper by pressing the button below.

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Token Distribution

Job bonuses
Initial marketing
App Development and Marketing
Public sale

Buy/sell tax

The amount is set at 12% & 18% on buying and selling respectively, which will ensure both long-term holding, a steady stream of income for the staking pool & ample liquidity for our listed pairs on DEXes along with sufficient wages for our community jobs

Gluon's Roadmap

Our project Roadmap

Hello there, congratulations on getting this far! Trust us, you're just getting started.

Q1 2022
Initial development

Website development and release.
BEP-20 Token creation.

June 2022
The journey begins

Marketing within the fashion and crypto community
Development of web and mobile marketplace app

July 2022
We're getting somewhere

Large scale marketing
Beta testing of the marketplace
Presale of the GLU token - fundraising for app development and large scale marketing

Q4 2022
Taking the lead

Public sale of GLU token
Creating the infrastructure
Opening community job positions
Bringing in sellers from other marketplaces
Hiring authenticators
Introducing staking of GLU token
Final app development

Year 2023

Public release of the marketplace on all platforms
Adoption of AURA Blockchain Technology (backed by LVMH group)
allowing 100% authenticity checks for high end goods
Creating our shipping infrastructure - lowering shipping costs

Marketplace FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most important questions, answered!

Buyer protection

Buy only on the Gluon marketplace
You can be assured you'll be completely protected if anything goes wrong because we use the Blockchain to protect your funds and information.
You'll be repaid the whole amount if your item doesn't arrive or is considerably not as advertised.You should never pay for an item outside of Gluon, every transaction must be within the app.

Buyer Protection does not apply any transactions outside of Gluon marketplace, which are at the discretion of the individuals involved. Our staff is by your side every step of the way, ensuring you have the best buying experience possible.

Check the sellers ratings and sales history
Find the seller's information on a listing page or in their profile overview. Identify the total quantity of Bought & Sold transactions to check if a user has previously transacted on Gluon. You can find the total seller transaction number next to their profile. A seller feedback score will appear beneath the user's transaction count if they have gotten feedback for previous sales. To access their feedback page and learn how previous buyers evaluated their experience with this seller, click on the feedback count in their profile overview or directly through a listing.

Supported currencies

We at Gluon accept and endorse a variety of payment methods, all of which being different cryptocurrencies. There is a large number of cryptocurrencies you can choose from. The sellers have an option to choose cryptocurrencies of their choice.

GLU token is not used for buying and selling goods, instead it's used as an added layer of security and covering selling fees. If you wish to pay with an alternate cryptocurrency, not included in the sellers options, you can offer to pay with it and see if the seller agrees.

Trading items

Exchanging items on Gluon is currently not accepted as we currently don't have a solution to do it securely. But we are actively researching options to integrate exchanging items on our platform.

Shipping costs

Gluon will determine the lowest possible shipping cost from the seller to the buyer and the price will not exceed it. It will use our secure protocol to determine the shipping price from seller's to buyer's location while keeping their data safe. Buyers will pay a final price, no additional shipping costs will be added after a sale is completed. International duties and taxes will be paid by the buyer, but our team is working on a way to make them as low as possible in the future of Gluon.

Our Team

Experts from all around the world.

Our team consists of professionals from all over the world, with expertise in different areas all dedicated to making Gluon the leading Fashion marketplace. We're still recruiting team members to realize the full potential of Gluon.

Shelley Fountain

Operations manager

United States

Sarath Vajjaha

Software engineer

United States

Arthur Hedley

Logistics manager

United Kingdom

Otto Holgersen

Head of Marketing